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Rethinking Space and Place

In September 2014, I participated in the 5th Global Conference on Space and Place, at Mansfield College, Oxford, UK. The conference was organized by Inter-disciplinary.net, a British Association for Interdisciplinary Research and Publishing. My paper, titled From Space to Place, A Necessary Paradigm Shift in Architecture, was included by the organizing committee in the ‘Rethinking Space and Place’ section, which…

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The Archytian Axiom

To be (at all) is to be in (some) place Archytian Axiom This is how the Archytian axiom is reported by Edward Casey in the book The Fate of Place.[1] That formulation is slightly different from the original statement of Archytas Casey refers to, as reported by Simplicius – ‘all existing things are in place or not without place’ –,…