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Architecture and the Will of an Epoch

Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space and place. This is my reformulation of Mies van der Rohe’s famous definition of Architecture: “Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space”. [1] Space, alone, is no more sufficient to describe the systemic complexity of architecture, which, at the beginning of a new era, is better understood…

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The 3rd Skin: Survival Through Design

In this article, I will analyse the traditional spatial vocabulary of a pioneer of modern architecture, Richard Neutra, as we find it in Chapter 22 — ‘Physiological Space’ – Has Direction and Ranges — of his famous 1954 book ‘Survival Through Design’.[1] My purpose is to see continuities and differences with respect to the reformed understanding of spatial concepts that…

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Places Everywhere

1. Young man at his window This is just common sense: look out the window of your home or office. What do you see? You just see places. A bench, a tree, a park where people can talk and children can play, a square, a street, a building, a mural on the facade of a building, a bridge, the sun,…

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From Space to Place

The first article I posted on this website was dedicated to the revised transcription of the paper that I presented on Friday, the 5th of September 2014, at the ‘5th Global Conference, Space and Place: Exploring Critical Issues’, held at the Mansfield College, Oxford (UK). The conference was organized by Inter-Disciplinary.net: A Global Network Association for Dynamic Research and Publishing.…

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Preliminary Notes

Since the beginning of the twentieth century,  following important scientific advances, a reconsideration of basic natural phenomena is underway, as well as a reconsideration of the relationship between man and nature. This fact will lead to the formalization of a new post-Newtonian cosmology, which means a new conception of nature and, therefore, a new model of society. This new mode…

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