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The Treachery of Space

I return to one of the arguments that interested me the most since I entered the spatial debate: the realism of space. This question inevitably connects to the spatial language we use to describe phenomena between concrete and abstract aspects of reality. But, most of all — I will especially argue in the final part of the text — this…

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… it is helpful to think of architectures as ‘archi-textures’, to treat each monument or building, viewed in its surroundings and context, in the populated area and associated networks in which it is set down, as part of a particular production of space. HENRY LEFEBVRE, The Production of Space In this article, I will show how the concepts of space…

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The 3rd Skin: Survival Through Design

In this article, I will analyse the traditional spatial vocabulary of a pioneer of modern architecture, Richard Neutra, as we find it in Chapter 22 — ‘Physiological Space’ – Has Direction and Ranges — of his famous 1954 book ‘Survival Through Design’.[1] My purpose is to see continuities and differences with respect to the reformed understanding of spatial concepts that…

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James J. Gibson on the Concept of Space

I am also asking the reader to suppose that the concept of space has nothing to do with perception. Geometrical space is a pure abstraction. Outer space can be visualized but cannot be seen. The cues for depth refer only to paintings, nothing more. The visual third dimension is a misapplication of Descartes’s notion of three axes for a coordinate…

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From Space To Place: Introductory Video

Introductory video clip of the talk – ‘From Space to Place: A Necessary Paradigm Shift in Architecture…’ – that I presented to the ‘5th Global Conference, Space and Place: Exploring Critical Issues’, on Friday, the 5th of September 2014, at Mansfield College, Oxford (UK). Image and Video credits Featured Image (source) by Егор Камелев on unsplash.com Video footage (source) –…

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