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Place, Space, and the Unicorn

With this article, I want to make a point on the main traditional presuppositions and personal assumptions I have presented so far concerning the meanings of the concepts of space and place. The basic consideration on which I have founded my research on the concepts of space and place concerns the belief that concepts have not fixed meanings: they may…

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Processes( )Systems

The Place of Sustainability

In the second part of the first decade of the 2000s, I felt very dissatisfied with the current status of architecture, which had reached a peak of extreme formalism far beyond the premises of postmodernist and deconstructivist trends, which dominated the architectural debate over the last decades of the past century. With the definitive capillary diffusion of CAD technologies, since…

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The Place of a Thing

I briefly come back to the renewed sense of place I’ve spoken about in the previous article – What Is Place? What Is Space? – where I’ve said that  ‘place is any real entity emerging from inorganic, organic, social and symbolic – or intellectual – processes’ (definition I-R. a); more extendedly – and including a basic definition of reality on…

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Linguistics, Transdisciplinary

What Is Place? What Is Space?

The traditional and well-established meaning of a concept crystallized into a specific word should be the starting point for any investigation that aims at questioning that concept. In this article, I will list all of the different entries and the different senses that the noun place and the noun space have according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Immediately after that…

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