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Architecture, Phenomenology

What Is Architecture?

From the very first time I passed under the red-black capital ‘A’ placed on the main façade just above the entrance of the School of Architecture, at the Politecnico di Milano, I seriously tried to answer ‘The Question’ every architect or student of architecture wants to figure out: ‘What is Architecture?’ Before getting enrolled at the Politecnico, when I was…

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This video-clip is a survey on Perception and Geometry and it shows the process of construction of an architectural form, analyzing a case study based on the preliminary concepts of the author’s project Vaxjo Tennis Hall. The showcased three-dimensional model, whose lines and surfaces define an architectural text similar to a texture – this language I also call archi-texture or…

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From Space To Place: Introductory Video

Introductory video clip of the talk – ‘From Space to Place: A Necessary Paradigm Shift in Architecture…’ – that I presented to the ‘5th Global Conference, Space and Place: Exploring Critical Issues’, on Friday, the 5th of September 2014, at Mansfield College, Oxford (UK). Image and Video credits Featured Image (source) by Егор Камелев on unsplash.com Video footage (source) –…

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