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Place, Space, and a New Conception of Nature

In the introductory note to PART IV – PROLEGOMENA TO A NEW CONCEPT OF NATURE of the book The Nature of Physical Existence (1972), the American author, philosopher Ivor Leclerc, remarks on the reason why he developed such an articulated exploration into the conception of nature, i.e., the physical existent (from the Greek term ‘physis’, φύσις), between historical, linguistic, metaphysical…

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Being as Place: Introduction to Metaphysics – Part Two (The Limitation of Being)

This is the continuation of Being as Place: Introduction to Metaphysics – Part One, where I presented Heidegger’s metaphysical discourse on Being, with the parallel scope to see how many intersecting threads that metaphysical concept may have with respect to the reformed concept of place I’m arguing for here, at RSaP-Rethinking Space and Place. What Heidegger has delineated so far,…

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