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… it is helpful to think of architectures as ‘archi-textures’, to treat each monument or building, viewed in its surroundings and context, in the populated area and associated networks in which it is set down, as part of a particular production of space. HENRY LEFEBVRE, The Production of Space In this article, I will show how the concepts of space…

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Anachronistic Interpretations of Space

These are some considerations suggested to me by a recent conversation I had with a colleague architect, concerning the reception of the concept of space in architecture, before the modern epoch. I hope it can contribute to avoiding some possible misinterpretations, where, in a previous article — Concepts of Space in Vitruvius  —  I spoke about the possibility to interpret…

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James J. Gibson on the Concept of Space

I am also asking the reader to suppose that the concept of space has nothing to do with perception. Geometrical space is a pure abstraction. Outer space can be visualized but cannot be seen. The cues for depth refer only to paintings, nothing more. The visual third dimension is a misapplication of Descartes’s notion of three axes for a coordinate…

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