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The 3rd Skin: Survival Through Design

In this article, I will analyse the traditional spatial vocabulary of a pioneer of modern architecture, Richard Neutra, as we find it in Chapter 22 — ‘Physiological Space’ – Has Direction and Ranges — of his famous 1954 book ‘Survival Through Design’.[1] My purpose is to see continuities and differences with respect to the reformed understanding of spatial concepts that…

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What Is a Thing?

One of the main tenets of my inquiry into the concepts of space and place can be synthesized by the following assertion: at the fundamental level, for me, things and places are the same. It is as if there is just one entity (or sub-stance, in the metaphysical sense of that which stays under what appears), which I can call…

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Place Kicks Us Back, Space…

… does not. Heidegger’s introductory paragraph of the book What Is a Thing? — which is the extended subject of the forthcoming article — is particularly appropriate for a further clarification concerning the concepts of place and space (or, at least, it is appropriate for a clarification concerning my proposal for rethinking those concepts). As the title of the book…

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Preliminary Notes

Since the beginning of the twentieth century,  following important scientific advances, a reconsideration of basic natural phenomena is underway, as well as a reconsideration of the relationship between man and nature. This fact will lead to the formalization of a new post-Newtonian cosmology, which means a new conception of nature and, therefore, a new model of society. This new mode…

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