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The Treachery of Space

I return to one of the arguments that interested me the most since I entered the spatial debate: the realism of space. This question inevitably connects to the spatial language we use to describe phenomena between concrete and abstract aspects of reality. But, most of all — I will especially argue in the final part of the text — this…

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… it is helpful to think of architectures as ‘archi-textures’, to treat each monument or building, viewed in its surroundings and context, in the populated area and associated networks in which it is set down, as part of a particular production of space. HENRY LEFEBVRE, The Production of Space In this article, I will show how the concepts of space…

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Place, Space, and a New Conception of Nature

In the introductory note to PART IV – PROLEGOMENA TO A NEW CONCEPT OF NATURE of the book The Nature of Physical Existence (1972), the American author, philosopher Ivor Leclerc, remarks on the reason why he developed such an articulated exploration into the conception of nature, i.e., the physical existent (from the Greek term ‘physis’, φύσις), between historical, linguistic, metaphysical…

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What Is Architecture?

From the very first time I passed under the red-black capital ‘A’ placed on the main façade just above the entrance of the School of Architecture, at the Politecnico di Milano, I seriously tried to answer ‘The Question’ every architect or student of architecture wants to figure out: ‘What is Architecture?’ Before getting enrolled at the Politecnico, when I was…

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